Just when you think it’s over…


Holler was just awarded the Columbus Makes Art Excellence Award given by the Greater Columbus Arts Council!

I scarcely know what to feel, let alone say. I’ll just post the part of my speech that best describes my frame of mind right now. Thank you to all the artists, supporters, venues and audiences, truly. I’m overwhelmed:

“I stand here alongside 100 other artists you do not see today, dozens of volunteers, and a humbling number of sponsors and supporters. I also stand here on behalf of a community that very often goes unremarked upon. The goal was not to plead for awareness, but to celebrate culture – true, independent, magnificent Columbus-based culture – that had already been here. The artists involved ranged widely in age, discipline, career position, and personal politic, and it was my honor to stand in place with every one of them so that they could be their unapologetic selves on a city-wide stage. Holler took place in over nearly a dozen venues from all over the city who embraced this series without question, creating for a moment a unified culture within a scene within a city. People traveled from across the country to see it, from places where we think this kind of display is a given. I can tell you from experience that it is not. Only Columbus could do this the way that we did this. I also stand here with the two thousand and more audience members who came out day after day and made this more than a series of events, but an active, burgeoning culture that created on levels we are still unpacking and from which we are still bearing fruit as a city.”


Photo by Lauren Emond


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